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6 ideas for medium hair

Who uses the wires in an average length is lucky: it can use different hairstyles and create a current look without even having to pass in the salon.6 ideas for medium hair

Among the wave of Joao and Yasmin Brunet's hair, it seems that the medium-length hair, the fruit of the visual log bob, is no longer in beauty. But that's not the way it is, and there are many celebrities who can inspire the look.

From very simple hairstyles to more elegant and chic productions, it pays to play with the length and invest in accessories or more practical hairstyles, such as a braided crown or a half attached, to vary the look and continue in fashion. You can even work out the texture and volume to get out of the ordinary.

6 ideas for those who have medium hair

Gina Rodriguez

The actress of Jane the Virgin is now with very straight strands in a longer, shoulder-length cut and with the well-marked central stripe. The highlight is for the front part of the hair, longer than the back, and the wires well plated.

 Middle hair Gina Rodriguez

Thandie Newton

Those who have curly or curly hair can be inspired by the look of actress Thandie Newton, who used the wires with the maximum volume, in a chocolate tone, and with the center line defined.

Medium hair Thandie Newton

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger's look for last year's MET ball was a false average length: she tied the strands in a low butt giving the impression that they were shorter. Even so, the inspiration is incredible for those with shoulder-length hair: holding one side and investing in an accessory, such as colored loops or small floral arrangements.

Middle hair Diane Kruger

Emma Watson

The actress in the Harry Potter franchise has created a very fashionable production in just a few steps: just throw all the hair on one side and lightly curl the ends to create a natural and chic look.

Average hair Emma Watson

Rose Byrne

In doubt? Hold a piece of hair in a half-tail. Here, the variants are endless. You can make a coke at the time of attaching some of the threads, you can do the tail to leave the central stripe marked or make a more traditional look and simple, as is the case of Rose Byrne.

Medium hair Rose Byrne

Kirsten Dunst

With the 90's look so high, and at least desirable revive the decade also in the hair. Kirsten has created a more airy look and loose waves on the wires, which give a grunge and modern feel to the production.

Kirsten Dunst

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