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7 tips for hair care properly

 7 tips for hair care properly

Check out these top 7 tips for hair care in any season.

Keep your hair dry

Despite the fact that you may have the desire to get your hair wet in the rain, remember that rain water is squalid and acidic, which is really scary for hair. Thusly, try your best to keep your hair dry, unless you're stuck in a substantial flood.

Use shampoo twice weekly

Use a top notch cleaner to dispose of any store in your head left by overwhelming rain. Using a fair cleaner can keep your hair and become infectious or bacterial contamination. In addition, trusted root to tip cleaner.

Massage Oil Hair

There is nothing quite so useful for your hair in the middle of the storm season as knead hair oil. It really helps to soddenness in her hair revives dry wires. Remember not to use a massage superabundance back more you will end up over-washing trying to expel the oil, which will harm your hair.

Refraining from Tie

If you are tying your hair in the middle of the storm season, then you are inviting the water to be absorbed into your hair, which will make it frizzier. In cases where you really need to tie your hair, then choose basic styles like braids and buns.

Be waterproof is great

The best way to handle secure your hair in the rain season is put some trade off an excellent waterproof parka jacket with a hood or higher.

Get the best comb or brush

There are, no doubt, is just a brush or wide-tooth brush is your strongest alternative in the storm season. Not simply does not help in untangling its aspects, in fact also serves as an incredible molding brush.

Condition hair properly

The right way to deal with the condition of your hair is to keep away from using unnecessary measure of conditioner and apply conditioner exactly the closures and lengths of your hair. Keep in mind to use a wide-tooth brush, as stated before, as it will give you conditioner an OK spread. In the wake of the application condition in an appropriate manner, rinse it with cold water.

Watch Long hair care:

My Hair Care Routine For Long & Healthy Hair (highly Requested!)


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