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8 Failure to do in Time Apply Mask Eyelashes

8 Failure to do in Time Apply Mask Eyelashes
The Mask of cilia is one of the biggest beauty allies of any woman, ensuring fast and convenient visual instantly more feminine and tidy. However, it is very common mistakes when it comes to embellishing her eyelashes. But the good news is that there are some tricks that can ensure a perfect application. Learn what are the main problems in the use of mask lashes and learn to avoid them!

8 Failure Mask Eyelashes

1. Apply mask on the upper lashes before the lower
One of the most common mistakes when applying the mask of cilia is to move the product first on the upper wire. At first glance, this may seem the right method, but is more likely to create unnecessary smudging, as to apply the formula in the lower lashes you need to look up, touching the product is still fresh in the eyelid.

2. Pumping the applicator inside the small tube to remove additional product
Another common practice is to pump the applicator mask eyelashes within the tube to withdraw more product. Besides drying the formula, it allows air to enter inside the package, this practice introduces even bacteria in the product. To prevent this, gently twist the brush while you remove or insert into the little tube.

3. Use the eyelash curler after the mask application
Who ever applied eyelash curler with cilia already stretched with the mask? While it may have a more dramatic effect, this classic error can cause a lot of damage to the wires. To prevent your eyelashes weaken or break, avoid using the eyelash curler after using the mask, preferring to use the tool on clean lashes, and then apply the product.

4. Apply the product on one side of the lashes
The time to bend the cilia also reserves other secrets. If you use the curler on your lashes and then followed by applying a mask layer on the outside of the hairs, the more likely you are instantly lose the curve, as the formula will weigh the effect. The trick is to apply the first product on the back of the lashes, and then on the outside.

5. Borrow mask lashes for friends

classic mistake that comes out of teenage times, share the same product with friends, sisters or even mother is half way to getting eye infections. As well as other hygiene products, keep your mask with care and avoid sharing it.

6. err in choosing the formula and applicator most suitable
For ultra bulky and prominent eyelashes, must be taken into account that the most appropriate formula, and the applicator is also very important when it comes to embellishing these hairs. Look closely at the packaging and choose the combination that best suits the intended effect.

7. Do not change the mask regularly
Another thing worth having attention is the purchase date of your mask. Generally, the product lasts about three months after it opened, after that, it exchange it for a new one. Besides rid of a little make durable, this habit also prevents contraction of eye infections.

8. Remove the product improperly
Often when removing a denser shade or even waterproof, there is a tendency to rub the area, eventually causing much damage to the lashes as the delicate eye skin. To prevent this, dip a cotton makeup remover and hold it on the lashes for a few seconds to soften the formula. Other products, however, can count on the help of warm water to remove the mask of the wires through.

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