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Makeup Tips on Oily Skin

The world of beauty is always full of news, today I will pass some tips and techniques for you to make oily skin makeup. They can be used in favor of the particularities of each woman, in order to make production even more incredible and, of course, unique.

In the case of oily skins, some tricks are essential to make the makeup even more perfect. In oily skins, these tips are golden, so see the techniques for the treatment that is critical to the finish and durability of the makeup.Makeup Tips on Oily Skin

Perfect makeup on oily skin

 Makeup skin care moisturized

One: Proper preparation before makeup makes it last longer, in addition to keeping the skin well protected and moisturized. The essential hygiene steps prior to makeup include cleansing, balancing and moisturizing even if oily.


Two: The application of makeup should be done with the brushes are more indicated, as the sponges end up taking too much product to the skin, which can accumulate in specific regions of the face, encouraging the production of oil.


Three: The importance of primer, is essential for the makeup to last longer, preventing it from cracking throughout the day. Many versions still have oil-free formulas and technologies that also help control skin oiliness.


Four: Who has oily skin needs to use a matte finish base? No. If you follow all the steps to moisturize and balance oily skin, you can opt for semi-matte versions or even for liquid versions, with oil-free formula, to maintain a beautiful luminosity.


Five: The best texture for oily skins, are the creamy shadows do not drain and usually adhere better to the skin, prolonging the durability.


Six: Any blush texture works well on oily skins, the blush should be applied on a broad region of the face, ideally it is opt for powdered products which help to keep the texture dry.


Seven: To prolong the duration of makeup, a good tip is to always have near translucent powder. You can reapply it throughout the day with a small brush only in regions that tend to glow, such as the T zone.


Eight: It is important to remove makeup properly, so as not to accumulate makeup residue and impurities can clog pores and encourage excessive production of oiliness.

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