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  • hair restoration with the lost wire proteins

    hair restoration with the lost wire proteinsDid you know that Keratin is the main protein forming of our wire? She is responsible for the growth and vitality of hair.

    However, chemical attack, such as coloring, straightening, chlorine, pollution and even sunlight generate damage to the yarn structure, causing the loss of that protein and disrupting hair restoration.

    The result is the formation of small cracks, and leave the internal structure of totally damaged wire. But did you know that there are treatments that promote hydration in the out able to reset it?

    Hair Restoration keratin is essential to maintain healthy and beautiful hair

    Hair Restoration keratin is essential to maintain healthy and beautiful hair

    There are various creams on the market for treatment with the function of making the instant restoration of the wire. Look for products which are ideal for damaged hair that has undergone chemical processes, especially those having the formula in its high content of active.

    Usually these products provide a thorough reconstruction of the wires inside and outside, ie, seeks to recover health completely hair.

    Products Hair Restoration

    Products Hair Restoration

    Treatment creams hair that have natural oils are also indicated. They have twice as keratin, providing repair and vitality necessary to have an always healthy hair.

    These treatments are homemade and you can do every 15 days, depending on your wireless situation. If it is very resected, do once a week. That way you will restore the keratin of your wire without leaving home.

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